What You Need To Know About Immigration Bail Bonds



An immigration bail bond is a type of federal bond meant for detainees held by the United States ICE or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If an illegal immigrant has been issued a warrant of arrest or arrested, he or she may be eligible for an immigration bail bond. These are similar to other bail bonds which basically guarantees the appearance of a person in court. The bond amount is usually enough to guarantee that the illegal immigrant will appear in court for all immigration proceedings.

The bail bondsman will only post the immigration bond after the Immigration and Customs Enforcement decides that the illegal immigrant is eligible to post bond. However, the immigration bond does not necessarily have to be posted through the ICE, it may be posted through a private company. The basic requirements include the name, registration number and the facility where the alien is detained. Similar to other kinds of bail bonds, an annual premium will have to be paid to the bail agent. In case the alien fails to appear in court when summoned, the posted bond will be immediately forfeited. Learn how do bail bonds works in http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4567851_do-bail-bonds-work_.html.

Immigration Bail Bonds Requirements and Eligibility

There are certain conditions which will prohibit the issuance of an immigration bail bond.

– If there were previous orders for deporting, an alien will not be able to get a bail bond for immigration charges.

– An alien may be deemed ineligible for bail bond if he or she has criminal records or is serving prison term for felony.

– Individuals considered as threats to national security may be denied release through bail bonds post arrest.

Immigration Bond Agents

When an illegal alien is arrested due to immigration issues, it will be useful to get the services of a professional Finanza de inmigración. These agents will be able to help you properly obtain and post immigration bail bonds. They may be able to answer your questions about these bail bonds and you will also be informed of the legal nuances. It is very important to verify the legal capacity of a professional bond agent before getting their services. Since immigration bail bonds also have requirements and rules that are different from other kinds of bail bonds, you may want to seek the help of an attorney. A lawyer who is familiar with immigration sanctions and issues will be able to help you better understand the nuances of immigration bail bonds. Do remember that immigration bail bonds are not guarantees that an illegal immigrant will be able to stay in the country. It will, however, ensure that an arrested illegal alien will have the freedom to consult his or her lawyer and perform the necessary steps to rectify the situation with the form i-130.


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